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TPO Roofing in Oklahoma City, OK

TPO Roofing in Oklahoma City, OK

The key to a beautiful and long lasting roof is in the roofing materials and the high standards that only a reputable roofing company, like us at Advantage Roofing, can provide. Flat and low sloped roofs present challenges that pitched roofs won't experience, and with flat roofs, there is a rising star called TPO.

TPO stands for Thermal Poly Olefin and it's a single ply roofing system that offers many advantages over other single ply options such as, PVC and EPDM. Some of the benefits that come with TPO include:

  • Clean and High Tech Appearance
  • Safe to Install
  • Superior Waterproofing, durability and longevity benefits

TPO roofing’s high energy efficiency rating exceeds the EPA’s “Energy Star” minimum standards. It's highly reflective bright white membrane relieves cooling requirements in the summer months, and TPO is also an environmentally friendly, chlorine-free material that is resistant to UV and ozone deterioration. Another advantage to this type of roofing system is that it can be recycled when the time comes for replacement.

The TPO roof system is simply the best flat roof available today and is adaptable to any flat roof situation. Contact Advantage Roofing, Oklahoma’s TPO Roofing Experts to find out how you can replace your flat roof using TPO. Give us a call today at 405-349-4040 for a free estimate.

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