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Composition Shingle Roofing in Oklahoma City, OK

Shingle roofs are the most common type of roofing system used in the US. Their ease of installation, color variation and low cost compared with many other types of roofing systems make it a good choice for the average home owner.

Previous Challenges with Shingles

Older traditional shingle roofs were a great value, but due to changes in laws put in place for consumer's protection, left them wearing out much faster than expected. For years, consumers were faced with the dilemma of choosing a more affordable option that may wear out faster or choosing high end, expensive roofing options.

Today's Shingle Roofing

Thanks to modern technology, shingle roofing has made dramatic improvments and manufacturers are now able to offer extended warranties for shingle roofing again. Advantage Roofing offers shingle roofing from various companies, including DaVinci Roofscapes, LLC, who offers perhaps the most comprehensive line of composite shake and slate-type products.

Polymer-based, with top impact and fire ratings and a strong warranty, Davinci shingles come in multiple widths and colors, enabling homeowners to create blends with realistic textures and shade variations.

Advantage Roofing works with a wide of variety roofing products and companies in Greater Oklahoma City Area to ensure the best quality for your residential or commercial roof repair or replacement.

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