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Metal Roofing Systems in Oklahoma City, OK

Metal Roofing Systems in Oklahoma City, OK

Everywhere you look today, you see more metal roofs being installed in commercial applications. Today there are many forms of metal roofing from exposed fastener panels and concealed fastener panels to stone coat steel shingles that don't even look like metal. Over two billion square feet of standing seam roofing is installed annually, and the metal industry projections show that metal roofing will triple within the next five years. Here at Advantage Roofing, we are at the forefront of commercial metal roofing applications because of their durability and superior endurance in the harshest of weather.

Metal roofing is typically more expensive; however, it will far outlast shingled roofs. If you consider inflation in that factor, a metal roof will by far pay for itself in a very short time period. Metal roofing will not crack, shrink or erode like many other roofing materials, and metal roofing is designed to withstand high winds and driving rain, and reflect harmful sun rays. A 1985 study by the Florida Solar Energy Center demonstrated that metal roofing absorbed 34% less heat than those roofed with asphalt shingles. This will allow for saving in cooling bills. Advantage Roofing uses Decra Roofing Systems for most metal roofs we install.

We are dedicated to bringing you the finest metal roofing products at competitive prices with professional installation crews and courteous one-on-one customer service. Contact Advantage Roofing and we'll be glad to meet with you to discuss your metal roofing options.


R-Panel Roofing is a durable, energy efficient and time-saving roofing material that helps cut costs. A variety of colors are provided for a finished product. The rich and vibrant colors are produced with either Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® resins, providing superior color retention, allowing non-prorated coating warranties for most applications. Coating warranty varies for Regal Red, Matte Black, Copper, Silver, Champagne, and Pre-Weathered Galvalume. Metallics are warranted for chip, crack, and peel only. R-Panel is an extremely durable alternative to other roofing materials and is formed with high tensile steel, coated with a tough Galvalume® zinc-aluminum coating, pre-treated with primer, and then finally coated with a baked-on enamel 40 year warranted siliconized polyester paint system.

Standing Seam

A standing seam metal roof system is one of the most durable and weathertight roof systems available in the industry. So when your design requires a metal roofing system that is both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. One great advantage of standing seam metal roofs is contained in the name itself: seams, the weak point in any roof and a potential entry point for moisture, are raised above the level of the roofing panel. All metal roofing in general is considered a cool roof by the US Environmental Protection Agency. This is because metal roofing can be painted any color, including colors on the lighter end of the spectrum which will prevent solar heat gain.

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