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Roof Coatings in Oklahoma

The roof is an essential part of every home and commercial property, but it’s also one of the most overlooked aspects of any building. People expect the roof to remain durable – especially during inclement weather. Unfortunately, there are several situations that can severely damage tile, shingle, and metal roofs.

One of the most common causes of roof damage is old age. When the roofing system is nearing the end of its lifespan, its material starts to weaken and creates the problems such as rust, cracks, leaks, and even ponding water. If you notice any of these issues and they aren’t dealt with immediately, repairing the roof will become a costly and time-consuming expense. Thankfully, you can avoid encountering these problems with roof coating from Advantage Roofing.

What are Roof Coatings and How Do they Benefit You?

Roof coating is a practical solution that’s applied to aging roofs to make the roof more durable and last longer. Roof coatings were created to strengthen old roofing systems and protect your roof from potential damages. Aside from increasing your roof’s strength and durability, roof coatings can also create benefits such as:

  • Reduces heat transfer
  • Mitigate leaks
  • Reduces heat energy costs (applicable to reflective coatings)
  • Improves the aesthetics of the building

With roof coating, you can extend the life and longevity of your roof while increasing your energy savings in the near future. However, it's important that the roof coating is applied evenly to reap all the product’s benefits. As such, it’s in your best interest to contact Advantage Roofing for all your roofing needs.

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Advantage Roofing Will Have Your Roof Coating Up in No Time

Contact Advantage Roofing if the roof on your residential or commercial property needs roof coating. We have been in the business of providing top-quality roofing services for many years and we are very familiar with the different types of roofs used for various structures. Thanks to our expertise, we’re armed with the following roof coating options to ensure that your roofing system is properly treated:

  • Acrylic coating
  • Asphalt coating
  • Bitumen based coating
  • Granule coating
  • Polyurea coating
  • Polyurethane coating
  • Rubberized aluminum coating
  • Silicone coating
  • Urethane coating

Contact us at 405-349-4040 if you’re interested in our roof coating service. We also offer roof restoration services, as well as storm and hail damage repairs. Advantage Roofing serves properties in Oklahoma.