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Commercial Roofing in Oklahoma

Commercial Roofing for Industrial Facilities in Oklahoma

While it’s true that industrial and manufacturing facilities require adequate roofing just like any other building, oftentimes the roofing systems have to be customized in order to take factors unique to the industry into account.

For example, some industrial facilities may require roofing solutions that can withstand extreme temperatures and mechanical actions that certain types of heavy manufacturing processes can create. Other manufacturing plants may also have specialized equipment on their roof decks that produce gases – that must be safely vented out of the facility.

These complications can make it tough for an industrial facility owner to find a roofing company capable of supplying them with what they need. But by choosing Advantage Roofing to take care of your industrial facility’s roofing in Oklahoma, you can rest assured knowing you have the most capable team for the job.

What Makes Roofing Complicated For Industrial Facilities

Complicated Roofing For Industrial Facilities in Oklahoma

Industrial and manufacturing facilities require specific roofing solutions like being able to mitigate extreme weather and humidity, or being able to withstand the mechanical forces that can be caused by heavy manufacturing processes. More than that, the roof also needs to be constructed with materials that can last against the presence of chemicals and oils in the facility, either of which could severely compromise roofing made with standard materials.

Advantage Roofing can provide a roofing solution that has all these requirements and more. We don’t base our roofing solutions on a one-size-fits-all template; rather, we expend all efforts to ensure that your roofing system is custom-tailored for your specific industrial facility. This approach ensures the best protection available for your investment but also one that is both economical and minimally-disruptive to your manufacturing process.

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Our Industrial Roofing Process

Our Industrial Roofing Process

Providing adequate roofing for an industrial facility can be complex, and we at Advantage Roofing understand that the most. That’s why we guarantee that you receive the following when you choose us to work for you:

  • *Highly-experienced and equipped professionals that are willing to collaborate and assist with creating the perfect roofing solution unique to your facility
  • *Complete transparency with comprehensive and itemized proposals for every roof installation detail
  • *Tiered levels of interior protection to protect against contamination of sensitive equipment
  • *Real-time collaboration on every project through on-site project management
  • *Accountability in all aspects of the project from beginning to end
  • *Dedicated quality control and safety inspectors to ensure a safe and non-disruptive environment for you and your employees

Single-Ply Roofing Solutions May Be Best For Your Facility

There are many roofing systems that may be a great fit for your particular type of industrial facility. However, one particular roofing solution type may be a better fit for your industrial facility than other options. Single-ply membranes such as EPDM, TPO and PVC have become quite popular in the industrial setting as of late due to their characteristics that make them reliable roofing materials. EPDM, for instance, sports a high degree of durability, especially in extreme environmental conditions.

TPO and PVC meanwhile are lightweight, highly durable, and are able to reflect heat away from your facility. PVC also has the added benefit of being able to withstand the presence of harsh chemicals and oil.

Contact Advantage Roofing today at 405-349-4040 and get started on the path of ultimate protection for your industrial facility in Oklahoma. We also offer roofing installations for apartment complexes, residential properties, and even restoration services.