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Why Get a Drone Roof Inspection

When you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, an inspection is required before any work is planned. A roof inspector will check your roof for damage that may come from storms, hail, or other causes.

Drone Roof Inspection

In the past, roof inspections were done exclusively by individuals who go on your roof to check for damage, measure your roof, and map out what needs to be fixed or improved. These days, you will find that a lot of roofing companies now rely on drone roof inspections, and for many good reasons.

Drone-based roof inspection is the latest trend in the roofing industry. The use of this technological wonder greatly reduces the possibility of injuries to workers during rooftop inspections. Workers who are tasked with roof inspections put themselves at great risk, even with safety procedures and equipment being used. In addition, drones can provide up-close views for contractors and won't succumb to the rigors of spending hours in the sun on a hot summer day.

How a Drone Roof Inspection Benefits You

Worker safety is not the only reason why drone roof inspection is becoming a fast trend in roofing. There are many other good reasons why it is being used more and more these days and here are some of those reasons:

  • Accuracy in roof inspections – With the imaging technology of these drones, you can scan each part of the roof you are inspecting thoroughly, finding problems such as shingles that are slightly off or small cracks that the human eye can miss.
  • Drones can get into places humans can’t – There are some roof designs that are difficult for humans to access, let alone check thoroughly. With drones, areas like steep inclines and tight corners can now be easily checked without putting anyone in danger.
  • You can finish an inspection faster – Because drones use videos and photos to document what they see on the roof, you can get things done faster. You can check the roof thoroughly with the videos and photos that a drone provides without having inspectors spend hours on a roof, inspecting it for damage. A drone can do this in less time and provide you with accurate results that you can check at your own pace.
  • Drone inspections actually cost less – There are many reasons why inspections done by drones are actually cheaper than traditional roof inspections. For starters, you don’t have to use other equipment such as scaffolding and ladders for the inspection. You also don’t have to use multiple inspectors to check one roof. This cuts down on labor costs, which also cuts down on the overall cost of the inspection. 

If you want to have your roof checked for hail or storm damage, or simply because of wear-and-tear issues, you should consider a drone roof inspection. In Oklahoma, the company to trust with roof inspections and repairs is Advantage Roofing. In addition to residential roofing installation and commercial roofing installation, we also specialize in roofing repairs, roof coating, and can even help you with your insurance claims.

To get your roof checked, contact us today at 405-349-4040 and we can set an appointment for your inspection.