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What You Need to Know About Roof Coatings

What You Need to Know About Roof CoatingsGetting a roof coating is a great way to preserve your roof’s durability and extend its longevity. Roof coatings involve a silicone coat that can help improve your home’s insulation and increase your energy savings. However, aside from these benefits, not a lot of people are familiar with what goes into the process of coating a roof.

Many would think that coating a roof is as quick and easy as applying paint. On the contrary, there are a lot of procedures that need to occur even before the application starts. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at what happens during a roof coating service and other things you need to know about the coating system.

1. Applying Roof Coating is Not a Quick Process

Your roof has to go through several inspections to ensure that it meets the roof coating’s conditions. During the preparation, the roofing contractor will do the following to determine which type of coating suits your roof:

  • Thoroughly examine the roof’s physical aspects
  • Remove leaves, fallen branches, and other debris
  • Repair cracks, address severely-rusted sections and patch wet insulation
  • Seal the horizontal and vertical roof seams
  • Apply primer

2. Roof Coatings Have Limitations

Roof coating systems can do wonders for your roof’s durability and longevity. However, they can’t fix all the problems your roof is experiencing. If your roof is severely rotted or heavily corroded, the coating can’t restore the roof back to its original condition. The surface of your roof should also be smooth in order for the coat to adhere to the material.

The weather also has to be just right for the coating to dry properly. You shouldn’t apply roof coatings during the following conditions:

  • Storms or rainy weaher
  • If the relative humidity is over 90%
  • Under extremely cold temperature

3. Coating Your Roof is More Affordable than Replacement

It may sound tempting to replace your roof, especially when it has reached a certain age. However, before you start looking for a roof replacement, you should consider having your roof coated first. Roof coatings are generally priced 75% less than a replacement roof. They’re also more cost-effective to install since they’re directly applied on top of your existing roof.

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