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Sloped or Flat Roofing: Which Suits My Commercial Property?

Choosing a roof for your commercial property is crucial for your business. Not only will the right roofing system give your building a unique appearance, but it also protects your property from inclement weather and other external forces.

However, looking for the perfect roof can be tricky, especially when there’s a variety of sloped and flat roofing options available on the market. To determine which type of roofs will suit your commercial property best, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of sloped and flat roofs.

Sloped Roofing

Sloped or Flat Roofing: Which Suits My Commercial Property

Sloped roofs are commonly used to construct homes and other residential properties because its arch and diagonal angles provide excellent water drainage, while also adding extra square footage to a building.

When installed on a commercial property, the establishment gains more height and a distinct aesthetic appeal. Plus, sloped roofs last longer and encounter fewer moisture problems than flat roofs, making them a sound investment for any property owner.

However, not all commercial properties can support a sloped roof because this type of roofing system is heavy, and requires a sturdy foundation to carry the weight. Plus, the initial price of a sloped roof is more expensive and will take longer to install.

Flat Roofing

Sloped or Flat Roofing: Which Suits My Commercial Property

A flat roof is a roofing system that lays horizontally on top of your property. It can be made from a variety of materials, but the two most common are asphalt and rubber.

Since this type of roof doesn’t need a pitch, it’s more budget-friendly than a sloped roof. Nevertheless, a flat roof requires more maintenance because it doesn’t have a natural way to drain water. This also means that it’s more prone to water damage so it may need to be repaired more often.

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The Conclusion

In the end, your choice will depend on your situation and preferences. If your store has the budget and is located in an area that experiences a lot of rain, it’s smart to invest in a sloped roof. On the other hand, if your establishment is situated in an area that receives little rainfall, getting a flat roof is more practical. Either way, at Advantage Roofing, we can help.

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