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How You Can Save Money on Insurance with a Metal Roof

How You Can Save Money on Insurance with a Metal Roof

If your home is equipped with a metal roof, then you’re probably already familiar with its benefits. It lasts longer, it’s beautiful, and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. However, did you know that a metal roof can help you with your insurance as well?

Many insurance companies are aware of the advantages of metal roofing, so they give significant markdowns to qualified systems. You can even save up to 30% on your insurance premiums.

Plus, metal roofs have their own policies, which include:

Metal Roof Discount

Metal Roof Discount

Metal roofs come with several benefits and each one is worthy of a discount. Discounts usually start at 30% but can increase if the roof is exhibiting quality features. However, the final price will depend on several key factors like the type of metal used and the location of your property.

EnergyStar™ Roof Discount

If your metal roof has an EnergyStar™ rating, you’re in luck. Products that have this label are tax incentives, which gives you up to a 10% discount on your insurance.

New Roof Discount

New roofs are often given discounts because they don’t get damaged easily and they’re less likely to have leaks. This discount applies to newly added roofing, as well as to new buildings and homeowners.

Impact Resistant or Hail Resistant Roof Discount

If you live in an area that’s prone to heavy hail, you should definitely get an impact or hail resistant discount because you’ll get better rebates. However, the final price will still be dependent on the following factors:

  • Your roof’s material
  • The roof-covering classification
  • The region of your home

Your roof will also have to undergo an impact resistance test set by the UL test standard 2218. The test starts by dropping steel balls on the roofing system to simulate the effect of hail. If it gets a score of 4, it passes.

Fire Resistant Roof Discount

Most metal roofs can resist fire damage but they aren’t rated equally. Depending on the construction and performance of the system, it can fall into one of three categories:

1. Class A

  • Has a maximum flame spread of six feet
  • Lasts at least two to four hours before catching on fire
  • Can resist 15 cycles of gas flames being turned on and off

2. Class B

  • Has a maximum flame spread of eight feet
  • Lasts one hour before catching on fire
  • Can resist eight cycles of gas flames being turned on and off

3. Class C

  • Has a maximum flame spread of 13 feet
  • Lasts 20 minutes before catching on fire
  • Can resist three cycles of gas flames being turned on and off

No matter what class your metal roof is, it has a chance of getting a fire resistance discount. However, this isn’t offered as frequently as the impact resistance discount so make sure to ask your insurance agent about it.

With a high-quality and qualified metal roof, your annual savings will only get better thanks to these discounts. If you want to experience these benefits by replacing your current roofing system with a metal roof, contact Advantage Roofing today.

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