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How Drones Are Changing the Roof Inspection Game

Drones Are Changing the Roof Inspection Game

Even though drones are mainly used for entertainment and video purposes, they can also be used for several other reasons, especially industrial applications. Take roof inspections for instance. When professional roofing contractors have a drone’s remote control capability, they get the opportunity to get a better view of the overall roof and a much easier and more efficient way to do a roof inspection.

At Advantage Roofing, our thermal image drone roof inspections offer benefits you probably never even knew existed. With our state-of-the-art infrared thermography inspections, we can detect problems before they occur and we can help prevent costlier damages down the line. Using a thermal image drone for roof inspections offers the following advantages:

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Provide Crystal Clear Images of Damage

Many drones are equipped with 4K cameras and built to stay in the air for at least 30 minutes at most. Because of these features, roofers can take crystal clear photos of the roof damage instantly. The drones can also capture the roof’s entire surface, allowing the experts to assess your roof problems more thoroughly.

Having this level of accuracy is vital in the roofing business as it can aid roofing contractors to determine which roof repair or replacement technique suits the situation best.

Moisture Detection

With thermal image drone inspections, we can locate water and moisture issues before they turn into full-fledged roof leaks. Our drone technology allows us to detect moisture that's trapped within flat roofs so we can help locate issues before your lower levels are damaged by roof leaks and water damage.

If your roof has already been affected by moisture, our thermal image drone inspections help us quickly locate the source so we can help stop the problem and provide a solution.

Minimize the Risk of Roof Inspection Accidents

Performing a full roof inspection is one of the most dangerous parts of a roofer’s job. In order to see the extent of the damage, many roofing contractors have to physically be on top of your home or commercial building. Although they may have experience inspecting roofs, accidents can still happen and anyone can slip and fall no matter how professional they are.

By using drones for a roof inspection, roofers are less likely to have to be on top of the roof – reducing their chances of being exposed to roof-related incidences.  

Increase Job Efficiency

The traditional roof inspection method is more expensive and takes longer to accomplish. It also involves using a lot of equipment like ladders and measuring tape. With so many things to consider during a roof inspection, many roofers have difficulty keeping an eye on each and every subject matter.

With a drone, however, you can eliminate the need for using heavy tools. It will also only take one roofing contractor to carry out the entire procedure instead of multiple guys. Because of this, the inspection will go smoothly and take less time to complete than conventional techniques.

If you’re interested in our thermal drone technology to inspect your roof, don’t hesitate to contact Advantage Roofing. We offer reliable thermal image drone inspections for residential and commercial roofing purposes in Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Our thermal image drones are designed to not only get a clear picture of the roof damage but also spots moisture problems before they get out of hand. Plus, our fully licensed and certified roofing technicians will handle the entire inspection process and provide detailed and transparent results.

When you need our roofing expertise, contact us at 405-349-4040 and we'll be ready to help!