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Hail Damage Prevention

Hail Damage Prevention

If you live in an area where hail storms occur every now and then, it is a good idea for you to find various ways to help prevent extensive storm and hail damage from happening. While you cannot really control what nature does to your home, there are sensible measures that you can use to help reduce and even stop damage from occurring. These suggestions are worth noting and applying before the next hailstorm comes your way.

Inspect Your Roof and Repairs

Always keep the roof of your home in tiptop condition by checking it regularly for loose or broken shingles. Replace any damaged shingles immediately and if possible, replace them with class 3 or class 4 shingles, which are durable enough to withstand hail.

Keep Your Gutters and Drainpipes Clean

Make sure that your gutters and drainpipes remain clean and clear of debris such as twigs, dirt, leaves, and other things that may cause clogging when inclement weather happens. You don’t want to experience water damage from an overflowing gutter, especially if you already have hail damage to your home.

Check Inside Your Home for Leaks

Don't forget to inspect the inside of your roof as well to determine if there are leaks and other parts of the roof that may need repairs. The outside of your roof may be fine but if the inside is weak and damaged, you might end up with structural issues or holes in your ceiling.

Install Storm Shutters on Your Windows

Protect your windows by installing shutters that you can quickly close when there is news of a hailstorm approaching. If you cannot install storm shutters, have materials ready and close by should you need to temporarily cover windows and protect them.

Remove Weak Tree Branches and Prune Trees

Trimming tree branches that could fall on your home before a storm hits will lower the chances of damage to your roof. Cut off branches that are likely to break in strong winds and those that are located near windows.

Store Patio Furniture and Vehicles Safely

Hail can severely damage cars and other things that you leave outside when this happens. Always park your cars in the garage when a hail storm is predicted and store furniture, materials, and anything outdoors that may suffer damage from storms or hail in a safe place.

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to prevent damage from happening when nature’s wrath decides to pelt you with hailstones the size of baseballs, the damage is inevitable. When this happens, you need to get in touch with Advantage Roofing in Oklahoma to help you repair the destruction that such a storm has brought.

Contact us when your residential or commercial roof needs to be inspected and repaired after a hailstorm. We have teams on standby to help with your storm and hail damage repair needs. Call us at 405-349-4040 to find out how we can help you improve your room with our exceptional roofing services in Oklahoma.